Jörgen Held

Executive Managing Director Baltic Energy Innovation Centre

CEO Renewable Energy Technology International AB

Biography and Research interests

Dr. Jörgen Held has a long record within the energy sector as the co-founder and executive managing director of the Baltic Energy Innovation Centre (2017-), founder, owner and managing director of Renewable Energy Technology International AB (2012-), former managing director of the Swedish Gas Technology Centre (2005-2012), head of research at CEDER/CIEMAT in Spain (2004-2005), research manager at the Swedish Energy Agency (2000-2004), Ph.D. in fluid mechanics (1999) and M.Sc. in energy technology (1993), Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden.

During his time as a PhD student in fluid mechanics he developed and gave name, together with his supervisor, Prof. Laszlo Fuchs, to a new turbulence model in the field of large eddy simulation, the Dynamic Divergence Model by Held and Fuchs. Since 2004 his work has been centred around renewable energy. His main interest is related to the promotion and development of renewable methane including production, distribution and utilisation. He is the main organiser of the annual International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Biogas Association, and the publisher of the ISSN numbered Renewtec Report series. 


Main research areas

  • Small scale bioSNG production through gasification and methanation of woody biomass

  • Syngas cleaning

  • Syngas fermentation to methane

  • Synergies between different conversion routes for renewable methane production

  • Landfill gas management and utilisation

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Fig 1. To the left, the conference proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology. To the right, the final report of the Landfill Gas Baltic (LFG Baltic) project published within the Renewtec Report series.

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