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The knowledge sharing seminar by

Assoc. Prof. Tien Duc Pham

Faculty of Chemistry, University of Science, Vietnam National University Hanoi

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Dr.  Tien Duc Pham

You are most welcome to a knowledge-sharing seminar presented by Assoc. Prof. Tien Duc Pham from Vietnam National University Hanoi. With a friendly atmosphere, you will have a great chance to discuss and communicate with this scientist for any potential collaborations or research experience.


Synthesis and modification of novel adsorbents with ionic surfactants, polyelectrolytes and proteins and their applications for removal of emerging pollutants and determinations of organic substances



Our group investigated the novel adsorbents using synthesized alumina, silica and core-shell nanomaterials, as well as natural soil to remove various organic pollutants form aqueous solutions. Alumina nanoparticles with surface modification with anionic surfactant and polyanions were used to remove different kinds of antibiotics, cationic dyes and pesticides. One the one hand, nanosilica fabricated from rice husk coating with cationic surfactant, proteins and polycations or rare-earth metal oxide was applied to enhance removal efficiencies of antibiotics and anionic dyes. Furthermore, natural soil such as laterite surface modification by anionic surfactant and polyanion was also novel adsorbent with very high removal efficiency of cationic dyes increased from dramatically with modification. An application of high performance adsorbents for determination of organic substances in pharmaceutical and water samples is also a target of our research.
We can conclude that the adsorbents for applications in environmental remediation and analytical science are strongly depend on surface modification or coating process, so that ionic surfactants polyelectrolytes, protein or rare-earth element should be considered as the friendly chemicals.



Dr. Tien Duc Pham works as an Associate Professor in Chemistry at University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi. He obtained his PhD at University of Tsukuba, Japan in 2014. His academic background is analytical and material chemistry. His research interests focus on adsorption characteristics, mechanisms of surfactants, polyelectrolytes onto metal oxides and soils. He studies adsorptive removal of organic pollutants such as antibiotics, dyes and pesticides as well as inorganic contaminants including heavy metal and ammonium ions using novel modified nanomaterials. He also investigates the new green analytical methods based on spectroscopy and separation methods for environmental and food analysis. He is currently teaching Analytical chemistry, Instrumental analysis and Advanced spectroscopic methods to both undergraduate and graduate students. He is a supervisor of 5 PhD students, 16 Msc students and many Bachelor science students. He has published more than 60 SCIE papers in prestigious journals, 50 national papers and numerous conference papers. He is an invited reviewer of more than 180 papers for about 60 SCIE journals. He currently works as an editor of 3 scientific books, a lead guest editor, topic editor, guest editor and editorial board member of 6 ISI journals on nanomaterials with various applications.

Time: 13:00 CET (20:00 Vietnam), 28th July, 2023

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Chairmain: Dr. Duy Thang Dao, Austria

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