Congratulate to our member Assoc. Prof. Quoc Bang Ho who has received "Excellent research on technological developments and applications in 2021" from National University Ho Chi Minh City


Our first outcome on applying research funding for international collaboration have been successful.

Congratulations to Beamline scientist Van Thai Pham (Sweden), Asst. Prof. Minh Tuan Trinh (USA), Asst. Prof. Viet Mui Luong (Japan) for being granted 100 000 SEK (10 000 euro) by The Walter Gyllenberg Foundation to establish their initial collaboration.

The project title is ''Charge carrier transportation in perovskite materials: an ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopic study''.

Asst. Prof. Kim Cuong Le's proposal named ''Revealing the inaccessible features of atmospheric soot'' is also granted 144 454 SEK by The Royal Physiographic Society of Lund, Sweden. Congrats to her efforts!


Congratulations to Asst. Prof. Kim Cuong Le for being granted a four-year starting grant from Swedish Research Council. The project is named "Developing and Applying Advanced Optical Diagnostics to study Soot (DAD-Soot)". By that she will have 4 million SEK to recruit a PhD student and develop her research in the coming years.

More information could be found in the list of approved grants (link).


Congratulation to Prof. Manh Huong Phan being awarded Certificate of Merit by the Minister of Science and Technology of Vietnam for 2021. This Merit is for his significant contributions to the development of physical sciences in Vietnam over the years.

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Congratulations to Asst. Prof. Kim Cuong Le being the winner of Physics Science Slam 2021 at Lund University. This was a competition among young physicists who presented their research within five minutes.

More information could be found at the end of the link

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Congratulations to Prof. Manh Huong Phan for being one of 21 excellent professors honoured for the Outstanding Research Achievement Awards 2021 by University of South Florida. More information could be found here.


Source from University of South Florida.