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Virtual workshops and seminars are organized to exchange knowledge and expand cooperation among scientists around the world. We especially inspire and motivate young scientists through inspirational seminars where outstanding and successful scientists are invited to share their paths to success. 

Additionally, the matchmaking workshops are also organized frequently to create opportunities for researchers from various research topics and countries to present and discuss in order to identify opportunities for collaborations and for joint strategic aims.


The targeted outcomes of the activities include:

  • Share knowledge on research, experience, and funding

  • Expand networks

  • Increased awareness of capabilities, interests, and opportunities for collaboration across research fields

  • Stimulate new interdisciplinary collaborations at international level

  • Increase level of preparedness  for responding to calls for interdisciplinary projects

  • Initiate ambitious discussion on long-term visions towards sustainable development goals.

    All workshops and seminars have been recorded and uploaded in the Past Events.


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