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Asst. Prof.  Tran Trung Luu

The knowledge sharing seminar by

Asst. Prof. Tran Trung Luu

The University of Hong Kong

You are most welcome to a knowledge-sharing seminar presented by Asst. Prof. Tran Trung Luu at the University of Hong Kong. With a friendly atmosphere, you will have a great chance to discuss and communicate with this young and talented scientist for any potential collaborations or any research experience.

Title: A route to attosecond science


Abstract: Attosecond science, a branch of ultrafast science that has been born more than three decades ago, has been constantly explored and developed ever since. Studies in attosecond science have now been brought to condensed matter where many new developments are being reported in addition to research in gas phase. In this talk, we will briefly discuss our contribution to the generation of the tool for ultrafast science. We will then discuss their scientific applications: tracing the nonlinear response of bound electrons, generation and spectroscopy of high-order harmonic generation from solids and liquids. We anticipate that in parallel to attosecond science in gas phase, condensed matter will be a promising playground for research in frontier of ultrafast science.


Tran Trung Luu received his Master of Science in physics at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea; Doctor of Philosophy in physics in Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany; ETH Postdoctoral Fellow in ETH Zurich, Switzerland and currently appointed as Assistant Professor in Physics in The University of Hong Kong.

He has been actively engaged in state-of-the-art research on ultrashort laser pulses and attosecond science. He contributed and played an important role on bringing attosecond science from the gas phase to the condensed phase. Few notable works are the first discovery of a new source of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light based on the interaction of intense laser pulses and solids; the first demonstration of optical attosecond pulses where the laser pulses are compressed to the limit that they are only half a cycle of the carrier wavelength; the first demonstration of generation of coherent EUV light from liquids and its spectroscopic applications.

He has received numerous awards/honors for his studies as well as for his pioneering research including Physics Olympiad, Young Researcher Awards, prestigious fellowships from ERC Marie Currie, ETH Zurich, Canadian FRQNT and others.

He is the first, co-first of two papers published on Nature, co-author and/or corresponding author of papers published on Science, Nature, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, and others. The total citation is ~ 2600 and h-index is 12, according to Google Scholar as of 2022.

Time: 8:30 AM (CET) November 23, 2022 

Zoom link:

Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Hai-Son Nguyen

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