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The knowledge sharing seminar by

Dr. Van Anh Nguyen

Lecturer, Asst. Professor at School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing,

Cranfield University, UK

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Dr. Van Anh Nguyen

We are very glad to host a knowledge-sharing seminar presented by the young scientist Dr. Van Anh Nguyen who is currently Asst. Professor at School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing at Cranfield University in the UK. You are most welcome to our virtual seminar where you will learn new knowledge and build new potential research collaborations.

Title: From “Welding” to “metal 3D printing”, the collaboration and research opportunities


Abstract: This talk will cover the main contents on the background, current research, and future collaboration/funding opportunities in the welding, joining, and metal 3D printing fields of Dr. Nguyen and his lab. Welding and joining are in a close relationship to metal additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing) because the nature of arc physics is applied to melt and crystallize the metal to build up the layers. However, all current welding and metal 3D printing technologies using arc-wire are being faced with low accuracy and net-shape issues. Meanwhile, using laser and electron beam heat sources can overcome these troubles but the cost and efficiency are barriers to applying them in the industry. In summary, each manufacturing method has advantages and disadvantages. It is the motivation and background for him to discover and develop novel/breakthrough solutions that can take advantages and prevent disadvantages from them. Furthermore, together with developing novel technological solutions, using cutting-edge technologies such as high-speed video cameras or X-ray synchrotron images to understand the fundamental physical mechanism and melt pool dynamic are indispensable. It can be considered that a wide area from developing technologies to fundamental research is the main/key subject in our lab and it should be a multidisciplinary collaborative theme with other groups.


Van Anh Nguyen (Nguyen) is a lecturer-professor (assistant) at Welding and Additive Manufacturing Centre, Cranfield University, UK. Nguyen graduated Ph.D. 2018 from Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, Japan. In 2018 April, Nguyen joined Murata Welding Laboratory (a private company) in Osaka, Japan as a researcher in welding and joining. Then, in 2020 April, Nguyen was appointed to become the Leader of the R&D Department. From September 2021, Nguyen started at Cranfield until now. Nguyen published about 30 papers in mainly top-specific journals in welding, materials science, and metal 3D printing fields.  Nguyen has gained two patents (WIPO and Vietnam). Nguyen got several awards from the American welding society; the Vietnam welding society; the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan. Nguyen is the newest associate editor of STWJ-a traditional journal in welding, 3D printing, and material science from October 2022. Nguyen is to become a member of the editorial board of JMP-a leading journal of manufacturing processes from November 2022. Nguyen is founder and leader of a scientific exchange network among Universities in Vietnam with Japan (OU), UK (UoG, CU), US (KU), China (SU). Nguyen is the founder and leader of the young scientists’ network/club of Vietnamese technical Universities (HUST, MTA, HaUI, Phenikka, HCMUT, Sao Do Univ) in welding, joining, and metal 3D printing fields. Nguyen is PI of a VINIF 2020 project for developing a novel welding robot to join the but-joint of micro-scale metal foils. In addition, Nguyen is PI and Co-PI of several projects with HCMVNU, HCMUT, etc. Nguyen is a key member of NEWAAM grant program 2018-2024 in Cranfield and funded by UKRI. Nguyen is an annual invited/key speaker at Metalex Exhibition for the manufacturing industry in welding, joining, and mechanical engineering in Vietnam from 2019. Nguyen is a member of the American Welding Society (AWS), UK welding society (TWI), Japanese welding society (JWS); Vietnamese welding society (VWS). etc. Nguyen is a key member of the R&D department of Weldtec corporation (Vietnam) in collaboration with MTA (Le Quy Don Technical University) to develop technology and commercial equipment for metal 3D printing in Vietnam.


The first meeting was between the Young scientist’s club and Sao Do University at Chi Linh, Hai Duong on 17th September 2022. (Center is Dr. Do Van Dinh Vice-president of Sao Do Univ and Dr. Van Anh Nguyen (Cranfield)). In addition, Dr. Manh Ngo Huu (Sao Do Univ), Dr. Truong Van Nguyen (HaUI), Dr. Tuan Van Nguyen (Phenikka), Dr. Thao Van Le (MTA), Dr, Duy Han Le (HUST)


Time: 11:00 - 12:30 (UTC/GMT+2), Friday, September 30th 2022 

Zoom link

Chairman: Senior lecturer Minh-Son Pham, Imperial College London, UK

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