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Ha Duong Ngo

Professor Doctor of Engineering

Biography and Research interests

As the professor at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and Group Leader of Microsensors technology at Fraunhofer Institute IZM Berlin, Professor Ngo initiated the research on surface micromachined actuators in microoptical applications, on SOI- and SiC-devices for use in extreme conditions (high temperature, corrosive), on rGO for biosensing and on SiCOI for SPS.

He contributed to the development of silicon based sensors for physical properties (pressure, temperature, humidity, acceleration, force), to development of micro mirrors for telecommunications, and development of a new class of AeroMEMS sensors as well as to the development of high temperature sensors for use in harsh environments.

Ha Duong Ngo studied Electrical Engineering in Vietnam, UdSSR and Electrical Engineering and Microsystem technologies in Germany. He received a PhD from Technical University Berlin in 2006, on Micro Opto-Electro Mechanical systems (MOEMS), a special class of Micro-electro- mechanical systems (MEMS) involved in sensing or manipulating optical signals. He was with BOSCH in the project to develop micro gyroscope sensors in surface micromachining for automotive applications. He was technology manager by SCHOTT AG for CMOS camera packaging.

By the end of 2006, Ha Duong Ngo joined the Electrical Faculty and Research Center for Microperipheric Technologies. He was the head of Microsensors and Actuator Technology Center at Technical University.

Presently, he is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and a group leader microsensors technology and high-density integration at Fraunhofer Institute IZM Berlin.


Research interests

  • Microsystems Engineering

  • Microsensors and Actuator Technologies

  • Microsystems

  • Piezoresistive Sensors

  • Sensors for Harsh Environments

  • SOI- and SiC-based devices

  • Accelerometers

  • Aerospace MEMS

  • Acoustic MEMS Sensors

  • Gas Sensors

  • Design and Simulation of Microsystems

  • Graphene

  • Material Research


University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Wilhelminenhof campus

WH building C, room 525

Wilhelminenhofstrasse 75A

12459 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 5019-3413

Official homepage at university here

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