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Prof. Manh-Huong Phan

Inspirational seminar

Prof. Manh-Huong Phan

Department of Physics, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida 33620, USA


Time: 15:00 CET, Saturday, 04 March 2023

Zoom link

Chairman: Asst. Prof. Kim Cuong Le, Lund University, Sweden

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting an inspirational seminar presented by Prof. Phan, the key reviewer for VinIF foundation in the Physics area since its inception. This is a rare opportunity for aspiring researchers to gain invaluable insights into how to secure VinIF research grants.

During the seminar, Prof. Phan will share his vast knowledge and experience, detailing the foundation's expectations and requirements for research proposals. His deep understanding of the VinIF foundation's selection process makes him the ideal candidate to provide guidance on how to craft a compelling proposal that stands out from the rest.

We are confident that Prof. Phan's seminar will be an inspiring and informative event, and we hope that you will join us for this exceptional opportunity to learn how to win VinIF research grant. 


Winning VinIF Research Grants: Tips for Preparing Proposals and Interviews

Vingroup Innovation Foundation (VinIF) aims to support "scientists and young talents from universities and institutes to create world-class scientific, technological and innovative research in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine, Economics and Education". Amongst many programs, VinIF annually provides financial supports to Vietnamese scientists through its highly competitive and rigorously peer-reviewed research grants. In this talk, I will discuss its funding criteria and mechanisms, from the views of a grant reviewer/panelist, and give tips for writing a compelling research proposal and for preparing a successful interview. 

Recorded video

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