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Ngoc Huan Tran

Researcher/Permanent staff member

Biography and Research interests

I did my PhD in Chemistry department at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea. During my PhD, I focused on electrochemistry, nanomaterials and their applications analytical chemistry. We have developed novel and sensitive electrochemical sensors via functionalization electrode for biomarker detection. In the second part, functionalized gold nanoparticles, functionalized MWCNT and N-doped graphene and their electrochemical application are also studied. In addition, via electrochemical deposition, an ultra-high surface area electrode of 3D nanodendrite porous structure of Au, Ag or Cu are also synthesized for different application in Raman and electrochemical analysis.

During two years postdoctoral research in the group of Dr. Vincent Artero, CEA, Grenoble, I worked on the project of “Ni-based catalyst ([Ni(PCy2Nester2)2](BF4)2 complex) grafted on MWCNT/GDL for H2 generation and uptake” &  “composite of Cu electrodeposited from [Cu(cyclam)]2+ complex for selective electro-reduction of CO2”.

From September 2015, I worked in the lab of Prof. Marc Fontecave at College de France as a postdoctoral researcher and became a permanent research member from January 2018. My research interests are focusing on developing of electrocatalysts and electrolyzers for high energy efficiency conversion of CO2 to valuable products, such as: CO, formica cid, ethylene and ethanol.

Research interests

Electrocatalysis for water splitting and CO2 reduction

  • Materials chemistry & characterization

  • Surface modification

  • Hydrogen production and uptake

  • High energy efficiency electrolyzer for CO2 conversion


Laboratoire de Chimie des Processus Biologiques, Collège de France,

11 place Marcelin Berthelot, 75005 Paris, France


Phone: +33(0) 1 44 27 12 13

Official homepage at university here

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