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Soot is produced by propane (C3H8)/air combustion.

Detailed information of each sample and their spectra can be accessed by clicking their names above.


1. Combustion condition:
Propane(L/min)/oxidation air (L/min)/N
2 mixing gas (L/min)/N2 quenching gas (L/min)/mixing air (L/min):  0.06/1.55/0/7/0

2. HRTEM images

3. Chemical compounds

4. Raman spectrum excited at 532 nm

5. Other information

Absorption function E(m,1064nm) = 0.33

OP1 compounds.jpg
OP1 Raman.jpg


K.C. Le et al. (2019), Raman spectroscopy of mini-CAST soot with various fractions of organic compounds: Structural characterization during heating treatment from 25 °C to 1000 °C, Combustion and Flame, 219-320

V.B. Malmborg et al. (2019), Relat- ing aerosol mass spectra to composition and nanostructure of soot particles, Carbon 142 535–546.

S. Török et al., Investigation of the absorption Angström exponent and its relation to physicochemical properties for mini-CAST soot, Aerosol Sci. Technol. 52 (2018) 757–767

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