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The first inspirational seminar

Prof. Ha-Duong Ngo

University of Applied Science,Fraunhofer Institute IZM, Berlin, Germany

Ha Duong Ngo.png

Prof. Dr.-Eng Ha-Duong Ngo

We are very happy to welcome Prof. Dr.-Eng Ha-Duong Ngo who is invited to speak in the first inspirational seminar.

Professor Ngo is the group leader of Microsensors technology at Fraunhofer Institute IZM Berlin. He initiated the research on surface micromachined actuators in microoptical applications, on SOI- and SiC-devices for use in extreme conditions (high temperature, corrosive) and on rGO for biosensing. He has authored and co-authored more than eighty research papers & 10 patents. Professor Ngo is currently serving as Editor for MDPI (Microsensors, Micromachines) Journals, and as associate editor at Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems.

As a leading scientist in the field of micro-sensor and bio-sensor, Prof. Ngo will tell us about his research and share his experience in the application for research funding.



Time: 14:00 - 15:30, Wednesday, October 27th 2021 (Time zone UTC+2) 

Zoom link

Recorded video (we only share the first part about funding application) 

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