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European commission (link)

European research council (ERC) (link)

International Urban Cooperation (link)

EUGLOH (within EU –Global health) (link)

LERU (within EU) (link)

Horizon Europe (link) , (link)


CNRS funding (link)

  • International Emerging Action (IEA): 10 14 K€ (New collaboration, travel and exchanges between

  • International Research Network (IRN) or International Research Project (IRP) : 50 75 K€ (To strengthen collaboration already established

  • International Research Laboratories (IRL): 75 100K€ (Strategic)

PHC program (only for exchange)


There is a collection of numerous funding from Sweden and EU could be found via this (link), (link) or (link).

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) (link)

MIRAI 2.0 (Sweden-Japan) (link)

SASNET (Sweden) The network encourages boundary-crossing and cross-faculty collaboration between higher education institutions in the Nordic countries and South Asia. (link)


Vlir-Ous (link)

United Kingdom

Newton (link)

Collaboration between Vietnam and other countries

Nafosted (link)

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