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A group from Institute of Molecular Science Orsay, University Paris-Saclay studies molecular physics applied to artificial photosynthesis using time-resolved laser spectroscopy.

Thomas Pino

CNRS senior researcher, Head of ISMO

Minh Huong Ha Thi

Maître de Conférences / Assoc. Prof. 


University of Paris Saclay

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d'Orsay (ISMO)

CY Cergy Paris University

Laboratory of Physicochemistry of Polymers and Interfaces (LPPI)


A group from Cergy Paris University works on conjugated materials for energy conversion.

Thanh Tuan Bui

Maître de Conférences / Assoc. Prof.

College de France

Institut de chimie


A researcher from Institute of Chemistry, College de France studies Electrocatalysis for water splitting and CO2 reduction

Ngoc Huan Tran

Researcher/Permanent staff member

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