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Topic 1

Soot/black carbon, pollutant particles

anh chan dung.jpeg

Mirosława Pawlyta

Topic 2

Detection of particles, aerosols in atmosphere using LIDAR.

anh chan dung.jpeg

Van Trung Dinh


Van Hai Bui

Topic 3

Pollutants removals

anh chan dung.jpeg

Soot (also known as black carbon (BC) in the aerosol science community) is any black or brown aggregate (Fig. 1) which mainly consist of carbon with a variety of boning structures and is generated by incomplete combustion. Although soot formation occurs within few milliseconds to reach particle diameters of 30 nm [1], the whole process is extremely complicated, including three main stages: soot precursor formation, soot particle evolution and the soot inception between them [2, 3]...more

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